Clerics are the most valuable players in the game, since they can keep people from dieing and revive the ones who have. But it takes skill to be a powerful Cleric. Some of you may have heard of Clanks, these are Clerics who think they can tank. No. Bad. Very very bad. Clerics cannot keep agro and they are the only ones with healing abilities for a reason. They heal the tank (Fighter). If you have a cleric and look on their character screen you can see that they already have a very low attack and it gets lower the higher leveled you get. If you want to tank make a END Fighter.

Pros & ConsEdit


Only player in game that can heal
Largest range of buffs


Difficulty in ranged PvP combat
Low damage output at higher levels
Not great for soloing


Pure END: A good build for a cleric since from healing they end up getting some agro from the tank if the tank doesn't mock.

1:1 END DEX: Getting some evasion in there might be good. It would decrease your chances to get hit and when you do it wouldn't hurt.

1:1 END SPR: This is a good support cleric build with the extra SP from the SPR and good defence

If you really want to solo or clank then add STR if you want but I don't recommend it. Clerics don't get a third attack until very later on in leveling and the ones they get at 5 and 40 are very weak unless you waste good skill points for empowering healing abilities on them.

Sometimes clanks add 25 SPR to get an extra 5% crit. If you go over 25 points the amount of % it gives each point decreases. Mainly wasting those extra points added into SPR.


Both weapons are good for both. It really doesn't matter. Hammer has a higher attack but lower aim and mace has lower attack and higher aim. You can use a sheild with both.

Class PromotionEdit

'Cleric: Starting class High Cleric' Job change at level 20 Paladin Job change at level 60 Holy Knight or Guardian Job change at level 100

Holy Knight: Healing master with multiple healing spells uses mace.

Guardian: Has a few more attacks uses hammer.


For skills I recommend

10 on Heal 5 basic power and 5 cooldown

5 points into invincible duration

If you can't get a party add some points to bash and trip/bleed