Mages are by far my favorite to play. They have very low defence and HP but make up for it by being the strongest class of them all. The low HP you can make up for by getting a blue top. At level 20 they get their first AoE (Area of Effect wich attack everything around them). And at 60 they get their first DoTAoE Sounds cool huh? DoTAoE is a damage over time with aeria of effect. You might be thinking " Well isn't it just an DoT like archers poison at level 51?" NO!! It stays on the ground for a certain time after you drop it while DoTing. Therefore since it's not just a one drop get one hit along with the poison its a DoTAoE. :) (If that made sense) :3 Moving on..

Pros & ConsEdit


Excellent at damaging multiple enemies at once
Superb burst damage output (Instant spells)
High magical defence
Only class in game with Fear (Ability to make your opponent or monster target run against its will)


Low hit points
Low physical defence
Weak at melee


Pure INT: Powerful build with no interuption to the point into INT every level.

Pure SPR: Again powerful but not recommended. After 25 the crit every point goes down.

Hybrid 25 SPR INT: My personal favorite. Very powerful with that 5% crit and strong magical attack

2:1 INT END: Good for soloing with the nice attack and that extra END.


While most favorite Staffs because of the fact that they look way cooler then wands, wands do have a better attack but the downside is lower aim. Staffs have abit lower attack and higher aim. They are pretty much equal with no real difference between the stats.

Class PromotionEdit

Mage: Starting class Wiz Mage: Job change at level 20 Enchanter: Job change at level 60 Wizard or Warlock Job change at level 100

Wizard: More AoEs and better defence then Warlock using staff for aim.

Warlock: PvP based with incredible damage but weak on defence using wand for more damage.


Everything I might have missed that you would need to know at the wonderful Maiya's Forum page

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